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A slow start…

Long time since I last updated.

We had a 2 week break from shoots over the Easter holidays and started shoots again this week. It all got off to an excellent start on Tuesday with Angel Leigh & Elsie Porter. Candy M was also booked but woke up to a rather flat…flat tyre! A shame but she has been rescheduled so all fans of this exceptional lady needn’t fret. She will be back.

Angel Leigh and Elsie Porter did brilliantly and we got some excellent content from the day. Both Annabelle and myself were very impressed with new girl (well new to our sites) Elsie, she took to our frenzied fast paced production schedule like a duck to water, massive thanks to her for that. She is a real find and will be back hopefully across our network of sites in the future.

Unfortunately Thursday was a blow out. We had Karlie Simon and a new girl booked. Unfortunately the dreaded traffic around the M25 put paid to the new model being able to arrive on time and Karlie was also unable to attend. We will look to reschedule this shoot but I fear it will drop into July slots

Seems the Sun of March has given way to April showers here in Kent and radio reports predict the coldest May in 100 years. It’s a bit strange to be under a hose pipe ban whilst is raining cats and dogs outside and all predictions and forecasts are for misery. Crazy.

For the sporting weekend, we’ll be at the Gills vs Swindon game tomorrow, though it’s pretty much a nothing game with Gills having blown pretty much any chance of a playoff place. The game itself should be good though, and am looking forwards to it.

As much as I hate to say it, well done to Chelsea, they really have turned a corner…typical…just when arsenal have to play them (12.45 tomorrow) so I expect not much good Gooner news this weekend…

Some stills from this weeks efforts below. Next week we have Hannah Claydon, Sarah Louise, Jade Victoria, Holly Kiss and (new to us) Samantha Bentley. Wow!… roll on next week!

have a great weekend everyone.





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One thought on “A slow start…

  1. larrydude on said:

    Well, Over here in the States “At least in the Northeast,” We have had bouts of warm unseasonal weather, Followed by cold unseasonal weather, Followed by sun, then rain, A mixed bag for sure. But one thing that is consistant, Are the great previews! Thanks John, As for the Gills, Enjoy the game with Annabelle regardless of the importance to the season. Larry

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