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Hannah Zebedee, Chloe Lovette, Aaliyah Johnson, Fiona Jane & Toni

Another new model (new to us) in Chloe Lovette this week, the return of Hannah Zebedee and another wet and messy day with Aaliyah Johnson, Fiona Jane & Toni, which was a LOT of FUN!

On Tuesday, we had Hannah Zebedee, who is looking absolutely gorgeous, and Chloe Lovette, a new model to our sites and certainly one who would do well on our other fetish sites such as Femmefight, Damselsinperil, Sexysatinsilkfun and so on. Keep an eye out for her next booking with us, I have a feeling she is certain to become a favorite with the members! She did a members upskirt request that is guaranteed to knock socks off, a seriously good video, one of many!

Thursday saw the return of Aaliyah Johnson, Toni & Fiona Jane to do Day 2 of a bespoke custom request. The member who commissions these is getting a fan base himself it seems. If you visit the comments section on the demurefun site, you will see a whole load of positive comments in relation to the videos. For myself, the highlight of these days are the wet and messy scenes. I know the girls dread it when I pick up a bowl of water (I assure you it is warm water though they may disagree!!), knowing they are seconds away from a drenching! The messy scene is a lot of laughs, though I suspect the vanilla custard smell lingers for a while after the shoot, despite the showers! Aaliyah took a pie full in face (preview below) so I think she gets extra kudos!!..and maybe some more cake..?

At last, it seems some form of summer has finally arrived, long may it continue!!

Have a great weekend



Aaliyah Johnson, Fiona Jane, Louise R, Toni, Kelli Smith, Amber Jayne & Danielle Maye


One busy, busy week. 3 shoots in 5 days with 7 stunning British models. On Monday, we had Aaliyah, Fiona, Louise and Kelli for a bespoke custom scene commissioned by a highly valued customer who supplied all clothing and the scripts for 8 Demurefun style scenes split into 2 days of 4 scenes each. Whilst 4 may not sound like a big number, when you add that 1 scene was a wet scene and another a messy (very messy), it does take time. On Thursday, we completed the 2nd part of the custom (another 4 scenes of the same format) with a swap of Kelli for Toni.

For all the models who worked with us on those two days, a seriously massive thanks for your efforts. You were all brilliant, and we saw some stellar acting all round, including the shocked waitress (Kelli Smith) after she has custard poured all over her by the others, the snooty high-class lady (Louise R) being outraged by her dress getting ruined at the garden party, A stern “Lady in Black” (Aaliyah Johnson) and a “frightened” Fiona Jane in a “haunted house” scenario. Also, a massive thank you to the member who commissioned the customs, Demurefun is a small site and it is through commissioned customs such as these that the site is able to continue and grow (in time)

On Tuesday we had the return of Amber Jayne, who despite feeling rather poorly, put in a sterling performance and worked hard at all the scenes. She was working alongside the lovely Danielle Maye, a true pro and with a line up like that, we couldn’t fail to deliver great scenes. Danielle sets the bar really with her work ethic, she knows what’s required and does it with little fuss and lots of laughs and always pulls out perfect performances.

The laugh of the week comes from Amber Jayne, who told me a new fetish she had encountered… it even stunned me, and had us in stitches. I wont say what it was but if your keen to know, drop me an email or PM.

Some pics below from this weeks efforts.

have a great weekend




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